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Sep 21, 2016 at 8:59 PM
May 21, 2010
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"ent it", from Somewhere on the shores of the uk :)

-sideslide- was last seen:
Sep 21, 2016
    1. Matthewlyndon
      Hi dude, got your post on my thread.

      How much would you be after inc postage,if you've still got it!

      Cheers mate
    2. RoDeO
      clean your inbox, and pm me your email ;)
    3. Cleverley
      mate it that elbow still for sale?
    4. dj.hanks
      Alright mate, was just wondering where are you from as you said you was only a few miles away from me
    5. - Fezcock -
      - Fezcock -
      Nah man, I didnt get it out, the front lifting loop broke FFS!
    6. C & J TYRES
      C & J TYRES
      Hi if u manage to get this off the ground i would be interested in covering the tyre fitting for you i am an experienced and very reliable drift day tyre fitter. Covering events at santa pod , norfolk arena and various other places ,if you are interested let me know on 07850755722 . I dont charge a fee to turn up i just charge drivers for each tyre fitted at a cost of £5 per wheel . i can also supply drift suitable tyres and have a fully equipped van suitable to fit any size tyres, i also have a bead blaster to aid in fitting stretched tyres many thanks hopefully speak to u soon .
    7. -sideslide-
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    Somewhere on the shores of the uk :)


    Jumping off a cliff only hurts when you forget how to fly :D