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ECU Tuner&Specialist, from London

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May 29, 2018
    1. steve_fctuning
    2. steve_fctuning
      replied via email already I think.. always email me direct as opposed to forums.. cheers JFV
    3. JFV
      Hi steve, I've heard plenty good stuff about your tuning skills and I'm after a price for a remap.
      I have a 93 180sx sr20det spec is as follows-
      Internally stock sr20det as far as I know with 40,000miles
      T25g turbo
      Stock manifold
      3'' exhaust from elbow to muffler
      555cc injectors
      Z32 afm
      aftermarket fuel pump
      Greddy front mount intercooler
      Greddy profec A boost controller
      Apexi power fc ecu

      What figures could you squeeze out of this ? Was also thinking of a turbo upgrade + manifold.
      Am looking for about 300+ at the wheels if that's possible.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Jean-francois @ jm-imports.
      1. steve_fctuning likes this.
    4. steve_fctuning

      yes ive cleared it down :)

      you will all get the email today.. ive forwarded it to Dieter - full breakdown
    5. Nijssen
      Steve, your emailbox seems full?

      SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
      host []: 550 Mailbox quota exceeded
    6. steve_fctuning

      being updated daily.. keep checking back for your fav tunes
    7. steve_fctuning
      Ill be out of the country on the weekend of March Weekends 2 & 3 and Aprils weekend 3&4

      As per usual, simply email me direct

    8. Slick_kay
      Nice One Steve. its surely an excellent price for the assured quality of service. wld let you know when i'm all set and ready.
      1. steve_fctuning likes this.
    9. Slick_kay
      Hi Steve, I have heard good things about you and your nistune tunning, I would like to know about how much it would cost to have a s14 tuned using nistune. I stay in dublin but don't mind getting the ferry and driving down to london
      1. steve_fctuning likes this.
    10. AssassinR34GTT
      Hi, I was told your visiting ireland mid to late jan, but the dates are full, any chance you can keep me in mind if someone pulls out or if you have time to do 1 extra " chancing my arm i know "

      I have a 98 R34 GTT
      Performance –
      HKS BOV
      HKS Super Drager
      Front Pipe HKS
      Turbo Elbow HKS
      JapSpeed Intercooler
      Apexi SAFCII
      Blitz R-VIT Type II
      Blitz Power Meter ID

      If you can fit me in i would really appreciate it as i got a bang from behind and it has not been running right since.

      Regards Kieran
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    11. steve_fctuning
      Message to all German or Dutch drifters who I may know.

      I'll be at DP Engineering this weekend (Sat 7th Nov 9am -7pm) tuning some Drift Nissans for some Dutch and German DW members

      Should you be about please pop by and say hello, as it's always good to put name to face

      Steve@FC Tuning
    12. steve_fctuning
      Check out the new section on the forum and if there's anything I can maybe do to help or advise on then gimme a shout via PM or email me direct for a super fast response

    13. steve_fctuning
    14. Clive
      steve empty your pms!

      ok. £235 to paypal for injectors and z32.

      please send it as a gift thou or ill get hit hard with bloody pay fees :)

      or £240 if you dont trust ( i know my post count is low... im from sxoc)

      many thanks, clive.
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