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Oct 12, 2019 at 9:30 AM
Sep 28, 2004
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the stig

Active Member, from SE london

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Oct 12, 2019
    1. TheUrbanTiger
      you is a ball sniffer
    2. the stig
      the stig
      haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa
      yeah hope to do lydd,thinking of doing france too.mighty in primer tom and poss painted they reckon.
      need seat time as car is ere not the same!!
    3. TheUrbanTiger
      TheUrbanTiger going lyd you big gay? dont look like many are going hopefully good seat time :) p.s pod this sat p.p.s you are hugely gay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Mitch
      Hey Steve. No idea why you can't post in the JDM section. Try again and if no luck, give James a shout.
    5. the stig
      the stig
      you can indeed
      best to tx as my phone is pants!!
    6. KPS
      Hi there. I am told you might be able to smarten up old dashboards? If so may I give you a call to discuss? Many thanks, Regards, Steve
    7. hosmob
      Hi mate, no worries, anytime
    8. Mr White
      Mr White
      Bro pm me ur number my fones deleted em
    9. the stig
      the stig
      hi all.
      escort parts try escort-tec here in england and tell them i sent ya ;)

      hi alan ah parts for sale section on here is prob ya best bet!!
    10. DRN121

      First of all Well done for the great performance back in Malta...Hope to see you again.

      I'm looking for Escort Mk2 2 door parts which include:

      Roof With Pillars
      Both Doors
      Both Front Fenders
      Both outer sills (under the Doors and From where you Jack the Car)
      4 Foot Wells

      Can you help me with these please? What are the Prices for them?

    11. Mr White
      Mr White
      Oi oi blooder
    12. il-lalan
      ney u doin?
      you must be saying who the f*7k I am... Well i'm alan from malta, with the blue ke70 :)

      anyway you know anybody who might wanna sell a set of ae86 hubs?

      btw I still dream about your kp60 :D
    13. huxmk1
      hey dude wanna say huge thanks for joining us in the team event and sorry i let ya down.. had a amazing weekend and getting out on the track with you finished it all off.. like i said before i want to sort out your door dont care what you was awesome.. like i said also that i;ve always looked up to you and to get get to tripple with you was a dream..

      thanks again hux 07821295969
    14. the stig
      the stig
      no worries fella :)
    15. camolekky
      hi dude cheers for the diff and pipe on the volvo.... stiggy and ray touched my pipe lol.
    16. MALX
      will look when i get in tonight and txt yer mate.
    17. the stig
      the stig
      boo your a back entry specialist,sadly of the bum hole kind!!!
      hi richie have sent you a tx wnd e-mail with contact details did you get them ok??
    18. Boo_kong
      gay gay gay gay gay gay % thats you, you are a big homo.. who like young boy's
    19. RCB1080
      Hi Stig. How r u? Richie Barnett here. I was in contact with u a while ago regarding an is200 bodykit and had a few other questions at the time. Do u still have moulds for the bodykit and if so wud u sell a kit for a drift car in northern ireland?
      Ps. I am contactable on here or my mobile number is 07734 877745
    20. rms.japworks
      at last its running no thanks to the i can fix it lot
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