1:18 and 1:43 Model cars for sale... JAP/FORD/ Some Very rare

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    I have a few modded 1:18 models i want rid of..
    I havent modded them myself, was bought in a job lot and just didnt want them in my collection:

    Start off with a 1:18 WRC Focus, Made by Sunstar:

    Deep dish wheels,
    Working in car sounds ( not my cup of tea, easily removed)
    Working lights/neons (again not my taste)
    Full buckets, cage etc as standard


    None as far as im aware apart from wheels are static as usual

    1:18 Mk3 Escort cabby

    Big brake setup
    Thats it from what i can see, maybe others


    Wheels static as usual

    1:18 Skyline R34

    Deep dish Prof ssrs at rear and deep dish at front
    Deep dish steering wheel
    Alloy pedals in car
    Bucket seats
    More but cant remember


    None as far as im aware

    1:18 Opel Manta, Revell, BNIB, Yellow £35
    1:18 Aston Martin DB9 2003, Minichamps, BNIB, silver £30
    1:18 BMW 530i, Revell, BNIB, Silver £25
    1:18 Lotus elan, Sunstar, BNIB, Blue £15
    1:43 now.
    1:43 Mk2 escort, White, Subtle modded wheels £15
    1:43 Mk1 Escort, Purple, Modded wheels £6
    1:43 Mk1 Capri, Yellow, Modded wheels £6
    1:43 GT40,Black/old, Standard £15
    1:43 105e (I THINK),Lght blue, Modded wheels £6
    1:43 Mk1 escort, Green, standard £6
    1:43 Lancia stratos, rally £8

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MORE ADDED BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All brand new in box!!!
    AutoART : Corolla WRC Rare, Discontinued! £50
    AutoART : Toyota Aristo, Rare, Discontinued! £50
    Kyosho : Honda NSX, Rare, Discontinued! £70 (one on ebay for this price without box)
    Kyosho : Datsun 240z, Silver, Rare, Discontinued £60
    Kyosho : Datsun 240z, Orange, Black bonnet and ducktail spoiler, Very rare, £75
    Kyosho : Datsun 240z Rally Livered, very rare, £95... (Same one on ebay £120)
    Gate : Pug 206cc, BNIB, slightly damaged, roof part has come off, easy fix, rare again £15
    Burago : Countach white £10
    UT Models : Porsche GT1, RARE, discontinued, £40
    1:24 : rx7 Modified, Bucket seat, Stainless exhaust, nice 5 spoke wheels..3rotor £12
    1:18 : Hummer £15

    Any offers via PM please

    all + postage

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