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    * Car I was going to buy to replace this has fallen through so going to get this finished - If anyone’s seriously interested get in touch as I could be persuaded to part with, or it may be back up for sale in a few months/

    I really don't want to sell but I'm just not using it and I've got zero free time to finish what I started improving after I decided I couldn't let it go in June last year. I really wanted to use it for track days but family and work commitments are making it impossible.

    Reasons it's listed as a project-
    1. The car did have a slight issue when I last did a drift day on a surprisingly hot Feb day in 2019, it had what felt like a miss fire after a few laps of the big track at Santa Pod, I would come off track and the issue was gone as soon as the car was rested for a few mins and it didn't occur on the smaller tracks all day. I have spoken at length with Gregg at Pro Tuner about this and it's 99% just a safety cut in the ECU due to coolant temp creeping up a little, the car never showed high temps on the stock gauge on the dash and certainly didn't boil over or anything like that. Since this happened I have gone back to a viscous fan and cowl (from 14" electric) and have not been able to get this issue to happen again. Not been drifting though so didn't want to not mention it just in case.
    2. Breaks need bleeding after refitting the R33 calipers after a full refurb (By Bigg Red Ltd).
    3. Off side rear sill is a bit soft (usual S13 spot). Jay Walker checked the car over for a potential buyer back in June and gave it a positive review. It's certainly not rotten and has been garaged since imported basically.
    4. Exhaust may need refitting. Hoping to get on to this though.
    *Car will need trailering due and exhaust but I will try and sort so it could be driven to it's new home.
    '92 180sx - CA car convert to SR in Japan. Originally imported and built by Paul (smokey) Smith in '06
    I bought the car off the guy who had from Paul in early '08 and I sold it in '09, I’d spent a lot of money improving it but got out on track a fair bit and had a top 16 in the 2008 BDC British Open, I absolutely loved it. I was unfortunately forced to sell to afford my first house and was gutted to see the car go.
    I bought the car back from the guy I sold it to in '17 and he'd hardly used it and only done just a few hundred km's, basically he'd dry stored it for me for 8 years. I really couldn’t believe my luck getting my car back in the same condition I’d sold it.

    I've had the car back a couple of years and spent a fair bit on it at ProTuner on a custom engine wiring loom, R8 coils, ECU, and mapping.

    Mileage - 135k km (Mileage issues on MoT history are due to recording km's as miles, speedo is still in km)

    S14a Engine
    Tomei Cams
    1.2 Metal Head Gasket
    ARP Head Bolts
    Unknown Pistons
    Link ECU - Install with custom engine loom by ProTuner last year (££££)
    R8 Coil pack conversion
    HKS GT RS Turbo
    HKS Actuator
    APEXI Air Filter
    Japspeed Tubular Manifold
    Japspeed Turbo Elbow
    HKS Front Down Pipe
    Kakimoto Exhaust System
    Mishimoto R-Line Front Mounted Intercooler
    Greddy Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit
    S & F Silicone Boost Hoses
    SARD Silicone Turbo Intake Joiner
    Low Temp Thermostat
    Aluminium radiator
    Mishimoto Coolant Pipes
    Large Oil Cooler
    Cusco Catch Tank
    Nismo 740cc Injectors
    Walbro uprated Fuel Pump
    SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Braided Fuel Line
    Exedy 3-Paddle Clutch
    APT Lightened Flywheel
    Greddy big winged baffled sump
    New battery relocated to behind driver’s seat, in a battery box.
    Done one day at Santapod since serviced with fresh engine, gearbox, and diff oil

    Full Weld-In Multi Point Roll Cage
    Front Wing/Chassis Braces
    Pop Riveted Seamwork
    HSD Coilovers
    Whiteline Front & Rear Anti Roll Bars
    Tein Tie Rods
    DW Anti Bump Steer Rod Ends
    Driftworks adjustable tension rods
    Driftworks adjustable camber control arms
    Driftworks adjustable toe control arms
    Driftworks traction control arms
    Nismo 2-way LSD
    Polybushed Front Inner Lower Arms
    Solid Aluminium Rear Subframe Bushes
    5 Stud Hub Conversion
    Brembo R33 GTR Brake Conversion (just recon'd at Bigg Red)
    2 piece front discs

    Corbeau Pro Series Drivers Seat only
    4" Takata 4 point harnesses
    Driftworks super low seat rails
    MOMO Steering Wheel
    Fully Stripped Interior with Full Multipoint Rollcage
    Aluminium door cards
    Electrical Cut Off Switch
    Fire Extinguisher – Fully Plumbed in

    Repainted in Ford Imperial Blue Pearl (inside and out)
    Flared & Rolled Rear Archwork
    Chargespeed +20mm Wider Front Fenders
    Chargespeed FRP bootlid
    Lexan rear windscreen
    Complete genuine supermade body kit
    Complete Kouki Rear Lights with Garnish
    4 x Rota GTR’s 9.5 x 17 et12
    Nearly new tyres on all wheels
    Lockable Aero catches on boot lid and bonnet

    MOT - 11th July 2020
    Car has switchable boost and is running around 360bhp on high boost.
    Good condition but obviously it’s a drift car not a show car. Other than the sill there's little bubble of rust on the rear arch but nothing major, and it has a small dent on the nearside rear but again nothing major. Dash has holes from old gauges and a couple cracks.
    Fire extenguisher and electric cot off could do with new pull cables. Only other negative is there's no heater matrix in the car, so no demist etc, little bit inconvenient if you want it as a daily, but the electric windows both work.
    Basically in the last 10 years this car has done one Santa Pod practice day and a hand full of road miles. It has only done around 4000km since imported in ’06. It'll make a great comp car for some lucky sole.

    Looking for around £7500. Not interested in any PX sorry.
    Please note this car will not be sold until the full agreed figure or a large none refundable depost is received. #dontbeadick

    Please WhatsApp or text for more info - 07710923720

    Bit of history:
    Pauls project thread:
    My own little supermade thread:









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    Forgot to say- The SSrs shown in a couple of the pics are not included, they've already sold.
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    Milton Keynes
    Hi mate, what's the underside of it like? Where abouts are you located?
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    The car's solid. A little surface here and there but nothing really. PM your number and I'll fire you some pics. I'm Stourbridge, West mids.
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    Hi Will, remember me? You bought the car from me, can you ring me on 07921863140 please ya
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    Hi sent you a message on here.
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    Bump. Updated the first post and keen to sell. Car MOT'd and ready to rip.

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