1982 Toyota Starlet, (KP61)

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    A861A195-2AF2-46AC-AD70-F6AD9126223A. Got a 1982 Toyota starlet from my grandparents.

    Broken Starter, needs new key, engine stills runs and transmission is in tact.

    hasn't been used for years.

    I plan to engine swap it for a 4AGE 16V, preferably from a 1983 ae86, I need help finding one so if anyone has any info let me know, I'm based in the US.

    IMG_3894.JPG IMG_3895.JPG IMG_3896.JPG Dent on the rear drivers side from a previous accident, Aunt hit another vehicle. IMG_3898.JPG The wiring is a bunch of wiring my grandpa stuffed in , This car was used for storage pretty much XD. Cover for ignition and key was taking off in attempt to replace the ignition. IMG_3901.JPG IMG_3903.JPG missing the coolant temp reader. IMG_3904.JPG this is my first project car/ and actual car and i hope to make my daily driver, let me know if you have anymore info or questions, again I relly want to 4age swap it so hit me up if you have any info.
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