1989 Mazda MX5 ( Angwy Panda )

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    Hello everyone,

    Well Driftworks is a site I visit frequently and well, I decided to take the plunge into cars after I began fiddling with them in games and then experiencing track time with friends. Never got behind the wheel until 2016 when I fell in love with drifting.

    2017, I purchased a Xbox just to play Forza Horizon 2 and thus the birth of the love for the Mazda MX5. Putting the notorious 4 Rotor Rotary inside, and having a blast I thought... I’ll make my own vinyl, and drive around in game. Thinking I was all cool and stuff, I began having thoughts about having the same vinyl printed in person to be put on a car. I thought, if I can replicate this from a game I’ll build it in real life, that would be so bloody cool and fun! Probably the only time I ever used a skill set from school (reading, study and research) and bam, found Mad Mike Whiddet has done it! He put a 4 Rotor Rotary inside a small MX5 and it flew! 1200hp! What a monster.

    So... MORE RESEARCH... on the cars, and decided to go with the 1989 EUNOS Roadster, the Japanese Domestic vehicle imported into Australia in 1992.

    — I picked up last year in 2018 from the Sunshine Coast here in Australia. Here was the ad I come across on Facebook Marketplace. I went down to inspect it...

    — The magic moment, when I seen it in person... everyone could probably relate to this feeling. When your heart beats faster and slower at the same time and you don’t know whether you want to jump in and hug the interior or put your foot through the footwell to see THE RAW POWER all 119 horses were ready to be driven

    — I got it home safely, and wanted to build this thing into a drift car... All my ressearch has been going into this thing. So the build began... The Panda is alive, but not angry yet.

    I’ll keep updating this thread weekly as I get more photos and things done to the car over the period of me owning the Panda. Thanks all for stopping by, have a good one!
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