1990 (G) Black Mk III Supra 3.0 Turbo Manual

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    For Sale: 1990 (G) Black Mk III Supra 3.0 Turbo Manual. 140,000 miles, with service history up until a couple of years ago.

    Engine, gearbox and turbo all feel strong.

    I’d describe the bodywork as generally good; you don’t see many 16 year old cars looking this good, but while I’ve always had a soft spot for these cars, I’m not a real enthusiast and I don’t know how they normally compare to other similar aged cars. Both rear wheel arches seem to have been repaired in the past and look good until you inspect them closely. The N/S is just blistering a little and the paint of the O/S one is a little dull / not cut in properly. There is no rot anywhere visible on the car. Some tiny rust spots which will need attention before too long, but aren’t really noticeable; I’d probably just touch them up with Smoothrite if I was keeping the car, but I don’t want to cover anything up. I’ve already given the whole car a light T-Cut to take out most of signs of age.

    Heating works OK, but A/C only blows cool, not ice-cold. Electrics all fine, including windows, lights, mirrors, driver’s seat, etc. I’ve recently had lots of bits replaced including both front seats, so the silver-grey leather interior is now in good condition for age. The rear seat is good, with a little sun hardening on the top of the backrest, but I’ve been working some leather wax into it while I’ve had the car. The (new second hand) driver’s seat is one of the best you’ll find with just a few small cracks, no significant wear / collapse and no holes. The side bolster on the passenger seat is the only thing that lets it down. This is crazed and cracked quite a bit compared to the rest of the leather upholstery, but NOT ripped at all.

    The boot has had a false floor fitted at some point to accommodate a full size spare wheel (which I’ve been told they don’t normally have) while keeping the luggage area floor flat and level. The carpets are in good condition throughout and are protected by good condition mats with the Supra logo on them (I guess they’re original).

    MOT until April / May (I’ll confirm later) next year and taxed until end November. 5 good tyres.

    I bought the car to relive my youth (this was THE car to own when I was 18), but my wife hates it and won’t get in with me! The fun of driving / keeping the Supra’s not worth the grief I’m getting. She just doesn’t understand…..

    The car owes me over £1100, but the best off over a grand will secure it. Payment preferred in cash, but I’d accept cheque or Paypal (eBay rules!) and the car can go as soon as payment clears. Car is in Chelmsford, Essex, but could be delivered en-route to Grimsby (M11 / A14 / A1 / A46) at a minimal cost as I regularly visit family in the area.

    Photos below don't really do the car justice. The interior looks very grubby under camera flash. It's not that bad. I will try to get some daylight photos, but it always seens to be dark now...winter's coming :(

    They are all about 200k each, so shouldn't take too long to load.

    Car (I have the bonnet badge and will fit it before sold)
    Inside Boot
    Driver's Seat
    Back Seat
    Passenger Seat
    Inside from Left
    NS Rear Arch
    OS Rear Arch

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