For Sale 1991 Toyota Soarer 1JZ Auto

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    1991 Toyota Soarer 1JZ Auto
    180XXX Km clocks have been recently changed to now show Mph.
    Imported in 1994/5 I believe
    2 Keys and full V5 in my name
    MOT Sept 2019
    Had 2 timing belts previously
    2 full folders of history and receipts
    Toyota Soarer optional extra mats (worth £50 apparently)
    Comes with 7Twenty Style 49(?) in 18x9.5 fronts & 18x10.5 rears
    AO2B torsen diff locks up well
    4 legal 225/40/18s
    200Amp Eagle Alternator from USA also a 80/100Amp GS300 alternator and original Toyota alternator also there.
    JZX90 Cresta/Chaser ECU.
    Black leather sport steering wheel similar to MOMO etc.
    6/8 CD Changer in the boot.
    800K HID’s
    50/50 aftermarket rear smoked lights.
    (Originals there too)
    Can come with an HKS Hi Power exhaust which will need a quick bit or fab to fit nice.

    All it’s really missing is a nice set of HSD coilovers to be a big pimpin cruiser.

    Short MOT and from what I can see it will need a front lower arm bush, these can be bought from Strongflex for about £15. I’m not a mechanic and struggling to find time to work on this car.

    I stumbled across a power drain which meant the battery would die in 2/3 days. I’ve replaced the battery with a Bosch S4 028 along with a new 200A Eagle Alternator. I have had the old Piranha alarm ripped out by an auto spark and also fitted a fully working JZX90 ECU. These ECUs are known for the capacitors to burst and leak causing power issues so ECU replaced for peace of mind. I’ve also been told the map is more aggressive for gear changes which I guess is correct...

    Since all the work has been carried out I can report no power draw (feel free to bring along a multi meter to check).

    I bought this car in March from a guy down in Wales. I intended to bring it home and thrash it about like a rattly S body but I was totally wrong with this car.

    It’s a smooth cruiser with a decent amount of power if you need it. I feel I’m more suited to an old scabby E36 and I don’t really want to ruin this car.

    I’m asking £3500 firm for the car as is and I’m in absolutely no rush to sell so please leave the low balls at home. I can however put the standard wheels back on and drop to £3000.

    I would consider swaps depending on what you have (E36/350z). I’m not the type of guy to knock the valuation of your car. Fair is fair, I can only say no.

    My photobucket is being a d*ckhead but I’ll get pictures added ASAP.


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    Still for sale??

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