For Sale 1993 BMW 320i Saloon 2.8 conversion - E36 328i

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    1993 BMW 320i Saloon 2.8 conversion

    £1,600 ONO, would accept a cheap daily diesel as px

    Chassis mileage is around 106,000 clocks were changed in 2001 when the car was on roughly 38,0000 miles. Clock currently showing roughly 67,000 miles.
    Engine mileage is slightly higher, conversion was done at 51,000 and the engine had 95,000 miles on it at the time of the conversion.
    It's still a 2.0 engine on the logbook and is up to the new owner to declare.
    MOT till 12/08//2019

    The engine conversion was done roughly 18 months ago using a 328i auto donor car on 95k miles. At the time of the conversion the following parts were also changed:

    EWS Deleted ECU with remap and raised rev limiter to 7,200 (done by Lewis Hayler)
    Full 328i exhaust system (still running cats)
    New metal water pump
    New thermostat
    New alloy housing
    New clutch
    New genuine BMW crankshaft sensor
    New genuine BMW camshaft position sensor
    HSD Dual Pro Coilovers (also have a new set of front springs which will come with the car)
    Full service (plugs, oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter although running a K&N cone filter now)

    Also had the following parts fitted since the conversion:
    Headgasket done about 10,000 miles ago
    New rocker cover gasket
    New exhaust manifold gaskets
    VANOS rebuilt with new seals
    New E34 engine mounts
    New track rods
    New tie rods
    New drop links
    New Federal RSR front tires
    Clear lacquer underseal by Buzzweld

    Wheels and Brakes:

    Style 66 wheels (some curbing, see pictures)
    EBC Yellowstuff pads (fronts will need replacing soon)


    Was Blue velour interior originally, I changed the seats to black SE seats and fitted some black door cards.
    Will come with Black dash, carpet, centre console, arm rest, trims etc. (Not fitted)
    Will not come with the head Unit in pictures as I would like to keep it.
    Short shifter (Not fitted)

    Bad points:

    Few rust surface scabs on the arches as you can see in the pictures.
    Spoiler has been removed so holes in the boot (will come with the original spoiler)
    Diff whines since its been welded about 6 weeks ago.
    Mismatched interior.

    The car is very very clean underneath with the only rust on it being slight surface rust on the rear arches. Please see pictures. The car also has a few scratches and dents as you would expect for a car of this age. Stacks of receipts and old mots. The car is still running the original diff so accelerates very well.

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    Hello, could i get your number i am interested in this car.

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