1997 Audi b5 A4 drift car - 2.8 V6 - ex rally car

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    1997 Audi A4 b5 drift car (ex rally car).

    It's a 2.8 Quattro (rwd converted of course), was originally built as a rally car by Michael Boak of MB Motorsport, so has all the associated spec including full cage, buckets/harnesses, plumbed in fire extinguisher, hydraulic hand brake, poly windows, aluminium fuel cell, brake biasing etc etc... Also has two rad fans on individual switches, front end fully poly-bushed, coilovers

    During the first lockdown I put in a new engine from a 2003 Passat, it runs great but has been sat at the back of my workshop since :/ I have an absolute mountain of spare parts including at least 4 sets of wheels and a spare welded diff.

    It's not drifted in 5 years, and has been sat since I put the new engine in almost three years ago, but has been in dry storage this whole time. I started it up the other day and it starts/runs fine (videos available), the battery wasn't even dead! It's all there and would only need a little bit of work to get it drifting again.

    The RWD conversion is easily reversible should you want to put it back to 4wd. It's had a couple of "love taps" with the wall and is a little round around the edges in general. Would still turn heads at the drift track though

    More videos/pictures available on request. Comes with OMP buckets, not the ones pictured. Located Reading area.







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