1999 E36 323i manual convertible silver

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    hi welcome to the sale of my 1999 BMW e36 323i manual vert

    not had this car long as the plan was to do a skid but a engine has come up for sale for my silva!

    124k on the clock I believe I will check to confirm
    car is pretty Clean for the age rust showing on the arch but is solid af
    front left wing has been sprayed with a Halfords spray can
    roof is missing two bars what help the roof go up and down can supply pictures to show proof
    the other motors do work how ever.

    full black leather
    normal bumper non m sport
    will come with decat and sports cat is fitted however to get me through a mot
    no modifications what so ever on the car

    I will be getting a mot Monday for it!

    anymore info I will try and supply never done a car sale add before

    any questions please whats app 07963154810

    I tried adding a photo of the car but I can find the pictures on my MacBook

    I would like £1000 or best offer, but I dont know what this is worth so me looking at cars for sale and finding a good price to put.

    please dont hesitate to contact me regarding anything at all will try and help you the best I can

    thanks for looking
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