For Sale 1999 Lexus LS400, 96,234 MILES

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    Foreword: I haven't used the forum in years and don't know how to attach images from mobile. I'll add the Facebook market place URL for images. Apologies in advance for if this is against the rules, I've tried to make this listing as comprehensive as possible for the forum.
    Facebook URL with images: /marketplace/item/1773990102903776

    The basics:

    UK listing - £2000 OBO

    96,234 miles (lowest mileage UCF20 for sale in the UK checked across eBay, Gumtree and Autotrader. There could be lower on Facebook though)

    10 months MOT with no advisories.

    2 keys


    Has been SORN for around 6/7 months but has been driven weekly to preserve battery life and maintain working order of moving parts.

    Timing belt done at 68,xxx (stickered on engine with receipt somewhere in documentation box).

    Two decades of invoices, service history, MOTs and related documentation.

    Satnav option.

    So, for sale is my lovely '99 LS400. It was bought around April/May of 2016 and was daily driven by myself for about 1 year. The daily commute was only a 6 mile round trip and my family home is only 14 miles away from my home in Leeds so I only put about 2,500 miles on the car in my ownership.
    It has been an absolute pleasure to own but unfortunately I cannot justify keeping it as I've gone back into education and now cycle my 10 minute daily commute. As well as this change of circumstances I also came into ownership of a Toyota Corolla for free after it was destined for scrap, making it a far more sensible choice now that I don't need a daily driver.
    This car would make a stellar tow vehicle and it is already plumbed with electrical outlets for trailers and has plenty of pull in the power department.
    The goods bits, particularly as stated above, are the brilliantly low mileage, flawless mechanical performance, surprisingly competent onboard computer and satnav and interior that for the few signs of age is in great condition.
    I have just had a standard interior valet performed on the car to get it looking spot on for sale as well as having the car washed ahead of the photos that I have attached below.

    You all know how brilliant these cars are so I won't continue sing the praises of all the things that you can safely assume are spot on.
    I will now list the bits of the car that are not perfect to try and provide as transparent an advert as possible.
    Firstly, in my ownership the car has the rear windscreen re-sealed after I found a small moisture leak in the rear headlining. This was not done as neatly as it could have been and as a result there is some silicon on the rear chrome lining and one or two small smudges of rubber on the paint. These are hard to see against the colour of the paint.

    This car is a 7 footer. As you get closer you will see scratches in the paint. Unfortunately I think some of the builders that share my carpark have dragged a tool bag across the bonnet at some point. In addition to scratches on the bonnet there are many scratches of varying severity around the car. These range from scuffs on the chin of the front bumper to one particular scratch that I think must have been a keying.

    There are some discoloured spots on the leather on the back seats. I don't know what it was that stained them as it was before my ownership.

    One headlamp cover is a bit cloudy.

    Missing front cigarette lighter.

    Small damage to driver side kick plate. Possibly from something getting trapped in the door at some point. Has been there since purchase.

    Chip in windscreen in non-MOT failing spot. Been there since purchase.
    Bubbling in paint above windscreen.
    Bonnet struts have perished.

    Boot lid has scuffed tailgate paint.

    Loose tailgate plastic.

    Passenger seatbelt height button is not seated correctly but DOES work.

    Finally, where the wheels were balanced at MOT the weights scuff the caliper on the front driver side wheel. The tech told me it would go away with some driving as the weight scuffed a notch into the caliper.
    Obviously the majority of that list are very small points but it's better to try and document everything as clearly as possible online. I may have missed some little details so apologies if you come to look at it and I've missed something. A few more points of interest to conclude:

    Aircon was re-gasses in 2016 so keeps things frosty in summer.
    4 brand new tires with recent MOT
    2 brand new springs for front struts in recent MOT
    Comes with loads of old Lexus owners handbooks, warranty club books and cards, operation manual, original brochure, satnav manual, retro radar detector installed into dashboard (pictured below. This is obsolete now and has been left off for my ownership), toolkit, first aid kit, spare wheel, jack, compressor, touch-up paint and both CD changer magazines including such classics as 'Dark side of the moon' and the soundtrack from 'Trainspotting' (these were left by the previous owner...)
    If I've missed anything or there's anything you'd like to know feel free to ask/tell me.
    Feel free to email me at:
    Or call/text:
    Viewings and test-drives are welcome.
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    Pls buy

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