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    Putting an ad on here before I post on Facebook or eBay.


    Unfortunately the time has come to sell my UK spec NB MX5. I've recently bought a JZX and can't justify owning 3 cars, as well as it just sitting here and not getting any use. Overall the car is in great condition and would serve as a perfect base for any sort of owner. Personally I was going to use the car for drifting but it's never seen a drift day or any sort of abuse in my ownership. I've only driven the car a total of 5k miles in the last 4 years due to the pandemic and it being off the road in 2020 to have the current modifications fitted.

    Overall the car is in great shape, I've never had any issue with the car except for the alternator dying once when I returned from holiday and the pulley had seized up. Starts up first time every time with no hesitation and only needs some slight TLC to become a great MX5. I've included a couple of pictures of the car when it was on Work Meisters - I will be keeping these wheels though so please don't ask for them.

    Standard 1.8 non vvti on 69k miles.
    eBay Intake

    Sills repaired and treated by Westwood Customs in 2020 (pictured) Chassis rails never repaired but looking pretty decent. A tad crusty from the top side in the engine bay, which I was planning to fix however I'll leave it up to the buyer to sort out if they wanted (it's completely surface rust at the moment so just needs sanding).

    The following aftermarket/cosmetic parts installed within the last year and have barely seen the road:
    OEM NB1 'Sport' lip and skirts.
    Heated Hardtop with eBay spoiler. (Soft top has been binned)
    HSD Monopro Coilovers.
    Jassperformance Shift Knob.
    Powerflow exhaust backbox.
    Clear side repeaters and indicators.
    GCFab GC3 Rollbar (currently installed without the rear hardware as I've lost it somewhere... I was planning on making my own hardware, as it's simply a sandwich plate and bolts, or you can contact GCFab for a new pair).
    Davefab Rear Jacking Bar.
    Brand New Alternator and Belt.
    Brand New Grooved + Drilled brake discs.
    Brand New EBC Greenstuff pads.
    Brand New (standard) Calipers.
    Brand new DOD front braided brake lines.

    Still has the standard cat (BP5D, I had an offer for £450 just for the cat alone).
    Spare Open Diff can be included in sale if wanted.

    The plan was to keep the car and skid it and probably smash it to bits but honestly it's very tidy for an NB and could definitely do with a loving home. As you can see from the pictures, it's overall a very tidy NB and could easily be transformed with a new set of wheels and a bit of TLC. I've included pictures of the car when I had my Work Meisters, just to show how good it can look.

    Looking for around £2,700 but open to offers. I think the price is reasonable considering all of the parts are essentially brand new and haven't even covered 1,000 miles yet. No swaps unless you have JZX parts or wheels you can px.

    2021-08-23 16.24.55.
    2021-08-23 16.25.11.
    2021-08-23 16.25.21.
    2021-08-23 16.26.02.
    2021-08-23 16.28.38.
    2021-08-23 16.27.56.
    2021-08-23 16.26.58.

    2021-08-23 17.24.09.
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