1jz-gte vvti apexi power FC manual (JZX100)

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    Hello i want to know if somebody can help me to find what’s going on with my 1jz
    What happens is that the stock apfc map got un configured and doesn’t start the engine, it turns on and keep the rpm at 4,000Km/h but only for few seconds.
    I’m trying to find out this instruction manual but for the 1jz not the FD. Does anybody have one?
    Or have the information ?

    C772582A-D1AE-4A23-865D-F3AE1CD1042E. 6908C2EF-0C4D-4141-A216-610F7AD2CD79. 8EEC3EE4-EEF6-4673-B7C0-BA0F916E7931. 2DB72A49-2C60-43A1-A2CA-73E6E76A3DFC.
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