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Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Themintgarage, Dec 13, 2018.

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    Hey guys I have a bone stock 1jz with a stock single turbo. If I just add 440cc injectors how much power can I see? My goals would be 400 or close to it.
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    I'm not going to claim to be some sort of guru but when JZXWorld was still up they had a ton of info about this kinda stuff so my knowledge is kinda pieced together from what I recall reading. So take this with a grain of salt.

    Firstly on a stock CT15B your looking at low 300's. I've seen people claim up to 340/360bhp on the stock Turbo but I have no clue how long it could last at that level. It's just not going to boost as much as you want. Luckily there are two or three turbo's that can be bolted right into the OEM location. HKS and Tomei currently make turbros for the kind of power goal you want that don't require aftermarket manifolds (but they are recommended along with other supporting mods)

    Second what spec is the fuel pump and what ECU are you using? You say bone stock motor but these two things will be important.

    Stock ECU I'd expect it to just run rich since it's set up from the factory thinking it's running 370cc. Stock 1JZ ECU out of a JZX100 for example also boost cuts at 15-16 psi. (Soarer/Supra could be different). I don't think you'll be making much more power on a stock ecu, just using more fuel unless you do something about it. If you insist on keeping the stock ECU I'd expect you'll need a boost controller and some sort of piggy back to properly fuel it.

    Fuel pump out of a JZX100 is (from what I've seen online) is a huge limiting factor it's already using a lot of it's duty cycle on a stock tune so if you want to hit 400 that's gotta be swapped out. Lots of options for after market in tank pumps etc.

    The good news is 400 is very achievable on an (almost) stock motor. typically most over or around 400 will have cams, intake and exhaust goodies, A bigger turbo as I've said and ECU. Typically I hear of people using the Haltech or Link etc I've seen lots using the ApexI Power FC but that's considered "old" tech... but if it works it could be a good cheap option second hand.

    I'd recommend doing some research looking at the Chaser/MarkII scene even if this engine is going into something else.

    TLDR: your'e not going to see much till you support it with other stuff.
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    Alot of words there, to not much help. Ill try and be concise.

    The limiting factor is the ceramic exhaust blade on the stock turbo. This means for safety you stay at or below 1 bar, which will put you at around 320bhp. This can be achieved with a boost controller and nothing else.

    If you want more then you want a hybrid turbo (normally capable of 400-450bhp) or a big single for anything above 450bhp.

    For injectors, a good general rule of thumb on 1JZ is 1bhp to 1cc on a single injector. So 440cc will get you to around the 440bhp mark (give or take).

    If youre wanting 400-450bhp in a cost effective way, then go for a hybrid turbo and a cheap plug and play ECU (Power FC). At that power level you dont really need all the features of Link or Syvecs, though if budget allows its definitely worth spending money on management if you can.

    Beyond that, the sky is the limit, depends on how deep your pockets are and how drivable you want the car to be lol.

    Theres a bunch of good facebook groups who can help, JZX World still exists on facebook, theres also JZ Mafia and JZ National as UK based clubs.

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