1JZ in S14 - Speedo etc.

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by RikGTT, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Finally got most stuff now to crack on with fitting the engine. Just a few last bits to order that I'm not too sure about!

    I'm wanting to try and use the stock dash speedo's if possible rather than resort to digi dash. I'm having to order a R154 speedo gear because my box doesn't have one, but what else do I need to convert it an make it work?

    I've seen dakota signal convertors, is this the best option or are there any others?

    Speedometer & Tachometer Interfaces

    Would it be the Universal Speedometer Signal Interface SGI-5 and Universal Tachometer Signal Interface SGI-8?

    Found this on DM as well, would this work or not?

    Marlin Crawler VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor

    Would I also need a speedometer cable for the R154?

    If someone can do me a list of what I need that would be awesome :)
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    Cough* what's wrong with a SatNav stuck somewhere?!? Haha:wack:
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    I have a 1988 Toyota Supra with R154 transmission. There is a speedometer cable. Actually there is 2 parts to it. One part fits in the side of the R154 and the long part attaches to the short part and runs up through the firewall and into the gauge cluster. You could try and find an MK3 supra gauge cluster with speedometer and tachometer etc. And then buy the 2 parts for the speedometer cable from Driftmotion.com. The short part of the cable is different for automatic and manual transmissions in the MK3 Supra. I have no idea about anything to do with how an S chassis gets it speedometer readings but I'm guessing the MK3 supra speedometer cable will not simply plug into the back of the S chassis gauge cluster.

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