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    Selling a few bits.. 1JZ parts, S15 parts and 1JZ Swap parts.

    Swap Parts:

    R154 Gearbox mount for S15 made by Garage-D £90

    R154 to S15 prop (will fit S14 too) £90~

    1JZ Non VVTI Parts:

    1J Injectors - no clue what these are, were on my car when it made 511hp on dyno with big fuel pump, will drop straight into OEM fuel rail and OEM plugs, no modifications needed at all £150

    1J Igniter - £50

    Clear timing belt cover brand new - £60

    1J Factory Manual OEM ECU - £200

    1J OEM Coilpack - £100

    OEM Crank Pulley - £80

    S15 Parts:

    Rear factory tinted window with glass bung deleted wiper- £250

    OEM rear bumper (yellow) - £50

    A pillar trims (Spec R) including boost gauge pod holder (has had a self tapper through it for whatever reason) - £100

    3" V band Downpipe which was made to avoid steering collumn - £80

    Spec R Braces - roof brace, b pillar braces

    Spec R Interior - C pillar pockets, headliner

    Probably loads more that I forgot about
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