For Sale 2000 Toyota Soarer 1JZ-VVTI

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    Putting feelers out there for my 2000 build Toyota Soarer 1JZ-VVTI. It is on roughly 189,000km and will continue to rise whilst I own the car as I am trying to keep taking it for a run out when possible to keep the battery ticking over and the brakes from seizing. I bought the car in July 2019.

    The car has been great to own, very reliable with it being a JZ engine. It looks and sounds lovely with the iconic 1j noises. The interior is near enough standard, and was in the cream. The cream against the now purple paint is not as bad as I thought it might be, I actually quite like it. It does still sport the auto gearbox, which I've never found to be too much of a problem, it kicks down when needed and has incredibly long ratios. The overdrive feature just makes it that little bit nicer to drive long distances. It has had subtle performance upgrades, which liven it up nicely without being extreme. It's been everything I've ever wanted it to be, a nice looking car which goes well enough and retaining reliability whilst it does. It's still on the stock turbo which picks up nicely, and is enjoyable to drive knowing that it's not going to need hours spent with a toolkit afterwards. The car throughout has been rot free during my ownership. There may be details that I've missed from the advert, but unfortunately that's the joys of trying to write something on a Saturday evening. Any questions I'm more than happy to answer, but things are written below to the best of my knowledge.

    Specs are rough and as follows:

    LS400 front caliper conversion
    EBC uprated discs & pads (I will have to double the ones ordered for these as they are to suit the LS400 calipers).
    Whiftbitz uprated coilpacks
    LDPerformance Boost Controller (set to about 1 bar at the moment)
    AEM 320lph high flow in tank fuel pump
    Fuel pump ECU bypass (to prevent voltage drop)
    HSD Dualtech Coilovers
    XXR 572 (2x 18x8.5, 2x 18x9.5 5x114.3)
    EPRacing VX Style front bumper
    EPRacing VX Style side skirts
    EPRacing 326 Style rear spoiler
    Origin rear bumper
    M2 Seat Subframe (from a Supra, direct fit with the chassis)
    BB Classics BB7 reclining drivers seat (I'm a waist 36 and its pretty snug)
    TB Developments catless downpipe (with restrictor ring)
    Apexi Midpipe (second cat/silencer delete)
    Stainless steel backboxes
    Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    AEM AFR gauge
    3D Printed gauge holder (in place of coin holder)
    Full respray (deep purple that comes up much brighter with a nice flake when under direct light).
    12v relocated to the glovebox.

    There are a few bits that could do with sorting:

    -Paint could do with a good cut and polish to make it look as good as it can, unfortunately I have not had the time to do this since getting it back from being painted.
    -The AFR gauge could do with recalibrating
    -Headlights could do with a buff up (I'm aiming to get this done soon myself)
    -A rear lightbulb has blown (again, one I'll be doing myself before potential sale).
    -Drivers seat is fixed in place on the seat subframe. I'm around 5'9/5'10 and you could probably get away with being either a little bit shorter or a tiny bit taller before it becomes too much of an issue.

    A new career means that I just don't really have the time to spend with the car anymore, either to drive it or to work on it, so it is spending a lot of time sat on the drive which is a shame when somebody could be enjoying it. The new job does also mean potential relocation so it would be great to free up some funds for that too. It's a little bit bitter sweet as I really don't want to sell up, but unfortunately life does have its way of sticking a spanner in the works.

    Looking for around the £9000 mark, though I am open to negotiation from a fair and genuine buyer. Unfortunately, "best cash price", "what's your best price" or other denominations will not be responded to. I'm in no rush to sell it, if I am to sell it at all. Test drives will be conducted by myself, unless you put the cash in my hand first, even then for obvious reasons you will need to prove you are insured.

    Here are a few pictures below that I have in my phones camera roll, I'll take some better ones showing the interior also once I have the time.

    Again, questions are welcomed. I'll reply as soon as I can.





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    Update, car is definitely for sale.

    Couldn't find the edit button on the post however I have just noticed a typo, it states that I bought the car in July 2019. This is incorrect, it was infact July 2020.
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    Hi Nozs,

    Just checking out the forum - is this SFS? Could you send me a PM if so please?

    Best wishes,

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