For Sale 2003 Toyota Crown Athlete V Estate (series 2)

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    2003 Toyota Crown Athlete V Estate (series 2)
    145,000 KM (90,000 miles). MOT 12 months.

    JZS171 Japanese import landed in UK and registered January 2020 (at 134.230 KM). I am the only UK owner.
    The car has seen little use given I got it about 2 months before covid lockdowns and have since then pretty much worked from home for 2 years. Selling so I can fund a weekend sports car.

    Powered by the 1JZ-GTE engine (2.5L Turbo, straight-six auto), this is a great example of a Series 2 Wagon/Estate with 280 BHP. It’s effortlessly fast and has surprised a few other drivers.
    The car is unmodified and also sits in the sweet spot tax band of £250 a year. Everything later got hit with the higher banding.

    Very smooth drive and comfortable interior with a lot of toys for the year it was released: electric reclining front and rear seats, auto headlights, cruise control, Air con. There’s even a TV but sadly only receives Japanese signals - Doesn’t stop you from piping in your own AUX signal though, such as a games console. I’ve got it set up to stream bluetooth audio.

    Also benefits from a recent cambelt, water pump, oil seals, spark plugs, oil/filter and coolant change.

    Has 2 keys and all import paperwork.

    This is a series 2 model but currently has a series 1 front grille fitted. I have the original grille and intended to repair a couple of the mounting brackets but not done so yet - will be included with sale.

    The wheels are standard alloys and all suffer from light damage but lets be honest, you’re going to fit decent JDM wheels anyway aren’t you? The spare wheel (original alloy - pic included) is as new - it was completely untouched until I had a puncture and had to fit it for all of 15 miles to get home.

    There is a 3 inch scratch on the driver’s side rear wheel arch (pic included) which was caused courtesy of it’s previous owner in Japan. Other than that, the bodywork is in very good shape.

    If you’re looking for a Crown or something with a a 1J then you will not be disappointed with this - its a great example and in great condition and we all know these are going the way of JZX's in value! :)

    Located in SO43, near Southampton.

    £12,000 make me an offer

    • Factory cruise control
    • Air purifier
    • 7 speaker sound system (and Japanese Nav)
    • Rear parking sensors
    • Auto xenon headlights
    • Electric reclining front and rear seats
    • Heated wing mirrors
    • Original Crown floor mats (5 piece set)
    • Optional bin
    • Bluetooth receiver for streaming music through factory stereo/TV
    • Heads up GPS speedometer (Odo and speedo still read in KM)
    Recent work in January 2022:
    • Cambelt
    • Cambelt tensioner
    • Cambelt pulley
    • Camshaft oil seals (both)
    • Crankshaft oil seal
    • Water pump
    • Ancillary belt tensioner pulley bearing
    • Cam cover gaskets
    • Spark plugs
    • Coil pack connectors
    • Cam cover breather hose (joins both covers)
    • Genuine Toyota Oil & filter change
    • Engine coolant change
    Parts in 2021:
    • Genuine Toyota oil filter and oil change
    • Discs and pads
    • 4x tyres
    Parts in 2020:
    • New battery
    • New bulbs in all rear lights (a fiddly job!)
    • New Xenon headlight bulbs
    • Oil and filter change

    PXL_20220226_132520885. PXL_20220226_132610079. PXL_20220226_134043377.MP. PXL_20220226_134147397. PXL_20220226_132657515. PXL_20220226_132708129. PXL_20220226_132814943. PXL_20220226_132925807. PXL_20220226_132846668. PXL_20220226_132936817. PXL_20220226_133005258. PXL_20220226_132952727. PXL_20220226_132929446.MP. PXL_20220226_132938853. PXL_20220227_124304679. PXL_20220227_124355225. PXL_20220227_124407746. PXL_20220227_124449407.MP. IMG_20200125_121651. PXL_20220226_132908950. IMG_20200124_142619. PXL_20220226_133019528. PXL_20220226_132727181.
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    I've done a silly and bought something else so need the driveway space!

    Price now £10,000 ;)
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