For Sale 200sx s14/14a BARE shell - tubed front,lightweight panels,rear firewall

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    Thought I would advertise it on here before facebook/ebay as more likely someone will want this for what it is.

    To start with this is a very BARE shell. It has absolutely NO running gear or suspension and other than the tank and body panels it needs everything else - i do have front/rear subframe and some stock rear upper arms and other bits if wanted for a few quid extra.

    Its and ex bdc car from years ago and it has been used, the rear quarters are very beaten but they have been tubbed and overs fitted which like the rest of the panels probably want repairing and then re-spraying. It needs welding around the rear sills/subframe pockets as they have corroded like all 14's do. I have the v5, vin plate and the numberplates but would need a bit of work to put back on the road.

    The good bits:

    Front end has been cut back and tubed
    Fibreglass boot with quick release pins
    Poly carbonate rear quarter windows with ducts to allow rear rad etc
    Weld in rear firewall
    Boot floor cut out
    Has cage holes drilled in the floor with bdc/rdc/driftcup regs strengthening plates welded in
    50mm rear over fenders
    hydro mount/bracket welded on tunnel
    V5 in my name, vin plate and number plates with the car

    I do have a spare but very rough 14a bonnet and some front wings plus a few odds and sods but anyone who is serious is welcome to message me. All the panels want a bit of work to look good, boot and overfenders have holes etc in them. This is ideal for someone who want a project or has maybe bent their 14 and need a donor car to get drifting again.

    It comes exactly as pictured NOT ROLLING, will need lifting or winching onto a truck but I could possibly deliver locally as have a trailer but would need lifting off the other end.

    Any questions feel free to message - looking for £600ovno


    IMG_20180203_155713 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155751 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155800 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155815 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155823 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155839 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155844 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155948 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_160636 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155719 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155739 (Large).

    IMG_20180203_155745 (Large).
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    Where are in the UK do you live
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    Whereabouts in the UK do you live
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    It shows in his profile as Devon, so maybe Devon!

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