2JZ-GTE Big Single Turbo setup for sale. Turbonetics precision etc.

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    I bought a bigger turbo for myn so my current setup is for sale.
    The manifold will fit in a s14 for sure and the screamer can exit trough the bonnet or fender.
    its a china manifold but reinforced and modded for the 64mm wastegate:)

    -Reinforced manifold ceramic coating inside and outside:
    300 Pounds.

    -64mm precision wastegate (new):
    300 Pounds.

    -Turbonetics Ballbearing turbo with Vibrant clamp (10.000km old and never seen real boost. 420hp at 0.5 bar only) + K&N Air filter and turbo blanket:
    800 Pounds.

    -Bosch 1000cc low impedance top feed injectors (including resistor pack):

    pm for more info.
    Located in The netherlands

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