2jz z32 wiring. need help!! even s chassis guys if you know wiring check it

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    hey im putting a 2jzgte withe the 6 speed v160 in my rhd nissan z32. its originally a na chassis. 5 speed. 2+2. i need help wiring the speedometer in. people have suggested the dakota digital box but by looking at the wiring diagrams and it wont work with the z32. i dont have cruise control either. im wondering if anyone knows about the signal amplifier that is put in the speedometer wiring diagram from the factory.. is there any way of by passing it or what? cause the stock vg 5 speed trans has a 2 wire sensor and the toyota v160 has a 3 wire. the 3 wire though i already know. i just dont know how to connect it into the z32 harness while keeping the stock gauge cluster. this is what im dealing with sofar. i just dont get what everything is for. we took apart the cluster to find on teh back of the speedo 4 pins. ign, gnd, signal, and 2p. i dont have a clue what the 2p stands for.. if anyone knows please help. its greatly appreciated!! if anyone has better diagrams or something let me know thanks.

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