For Sale £800 ono - BMW E36 323i Touring

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    Up for sale is my daily that could make a good base for a drift build or practice car.

    BMW 323i Touring
    177,294 miles - will go up slightly due to daily use.
    MOT till September 2017
    Serviced a few months ago and also fitted a new radiator, thermostat and coilpack.
    M-sport half leather interior
    6 disc CD changer (fancy eh)

    £800 but I'm open to offers. NO PX unless it's a Suzuki Ignis Sport.

    More details after the pics!




    IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0075.JPG IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0079.JPG IMG_0084.JPG

    Car goes and sounds great and hasn't let me down once since I bought it. I wanted to go full Alpina on it and make it cool, but I mostly do short trips so I need something a little more economical. Would make an ideal cheap drift car if that's your thing or if you fancy a comfy daily that's fun to drive and good to modify!

    Being a car of this age it does have a few small issues that haven't really bothered me during my time owning it and I would have loved to have got sorted if I was keeping it but circumstances. I'd rather be honest about them than not. They are as follows:

    ABS light is on, I have a feeling it's one of the sensors playing up. Cheap to replace if so!

    Handbrake is just being a BMW handbrake so could do with tightening.

    The front left shock/damper has started to weep a little bit so far it doesn't knock loudly or ride any different than I've known.

    There's a very slight power steering leak from the end of one of the pipes. Seems to be a common problem but the fluid never seems to get low to a point that it causes any issues and have kept it topped up for now.

    The rear tailgate gas struts are no longer doing the gas strut thing so the boot doesn't like to stay up on its own unless you hold it or have a sweet stick. I'll be hopefully replacing those this week however!

    And there's a little hole in the drivers bolster but wouldn't be hard to patch up.

    Apart from that it's just general old
    BMW bodywork. There's some marks and scratches on the doors as well as a few surface rust patches. The rear arches aren't in amazing condition but could probably be sanded back and fixed up without having to do too much welding. There's also two spots of bubbling on the tailgate area. Apart from that it all seems solid!

    Overall this car has been a great comfy/quick daily that could do with a bit of tidying up to make it really nice.
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    Where are you based?

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