For Sale '89 Toyota MR2 MK1 AW11 £1950 Nottingham/York

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    IMG_3280. [​IMG] Now I know this isn't strictly a drift car but...
    For sale here is my MR2 with 152,000 miles.

    It has a long MOT until 26 May 2018. 6 Owners

    I've not owned the car for long, I love it to bits but it's just a bit too small for me to use as the daily driver I want it to be.

    Since buying the car I've had it serviced, brand new tires, fixed an oil leak from the engine, and had a timing belt changed. I’ve also fitted aftermarket wheels and upgraded the speaker system, now you can actually listen to music without blowing the speakers! (stock radio is still in place)

    Previous owner also fitted a performance air filter and S/S mongoose exhaust system (real nice, sounds good but not obnoxiously loud). He also had new master and slave cylinders fitted back in January this year

    The mileage is quite high but for its age it's not bad, the car still feels strong and robust, being Japanese it’s been totally reliable the whole time I’ve owned it.

    The bodywork is not in show condition, there’re little spots of surface rust dotted around the car, the worst bits are the front wings (see pics, the driver’s side one is quite far gone but it got through last MOT no problem). No excessive corrosion however and the previous owners have had welding done when it’s needed to be done.

    The interior is okay, nothing missing. But leather seats are quite tired and the passenger window winds up quite slowly. The T-bar seals are excellent they’ll only begin to drip after a very long heavy shower.

    I have a bunch of spares to go with the car including: 4 original Mr2 pepperpot alloys, front grilles, the original air filter system, oil filter, brake pads etc.

    I also have some parts for sale I can give you for a discounted price including: Front crash/ bumper bar crossmember thing, bonnet, boot etc.

    I bought it as a fun daily driver, never intended to restore, or do anything to it. However, it has been looked after whist I've had it, it's an ideal car for someone to use and restore/improve/modify as they go along, or just run as it is.

    Car can be viewed in Nottingham or York. Feel free to contact me 07732201415 to arrange a viewing, get more info or give me an offer. If you have a swap I would be interested, cash either way, preferably RWD and/or Japanese. Thanks.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Such a nice car, just has too many miles on it :(

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