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Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by misterjake, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Oct 13, 2013
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    As title states, I have some VS-KF's that are peeling quite a bit around the bolt holes.

    Stripping chrome and re-plating seems to be a big no-no in the UK, although I have found somewhere willing to try it for a price, but I see a fair few sets of wheels (especially VS-KF's) that have somehow had the centres painted.

    Has anyone tried to hand-sand and paint chrome plated wheels?
    A few links to various US forums have said to do that, avoid sandblasting as the plating is tougher than the aluminium underneath - rough the surface up enough to get the primer to stick.
  2. BenRice

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    Apr 23, 2014
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    I've just finished redoing my VSXX. Pealing chrome was also the reason

    I got them sandblasted. The chrome was pealing and my sandblaster said it came off no problem

    In saying that, i did want a matte-style finish as i was trying to replicate the Work gold. However there was nothing stopping me doing a 600/1200 wet sand on the face of the spokes once they were sandblasted

    And i went with powder coating instead of painting. I've run both professionally painted wheels and powdercoated wheels over the past 12 years. The powdercoated have always lasted better and taken bumps and scrapes better than the painted wheels, even when used as drift spares. It also works out cheaper than painting. Only down side is the sometimes limited range of colours.

    This was the finish:

  3. thyfartismurder

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    Greater Manchester
    My chrome VS-XX are getting de plated at the moment, most places wouldn't do it but this place will strip then (and re chrome them if i wanted)
    if they turn out any good ill let you know who they are :)
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    Alloa. Scotland
    There's also someone in the UK who will totally strip the chrome and ceramic polish the alloy to a mirror - different colour to the chrome but just as shiny!
    Just get a decent sealant onto the polish or you'll regret it!

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