Advice to upping spring rates on mono pros

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    Looking for a little advice, I have ran Mono pros on my s14 for a long time and highly rate them..

    however, im looking to lower the car a little more however currently my car squats an awful lot (thanks to the mono pros being great road going 'comfy' coilovers, ) and i worry that any lower and under squat my car will be scrapping its backside across the tarmac like a Dog dragging itself across the garden.

    Im of the understanding that the mono pros are a 5,7kg setup, and the cs2 a 7, 9. If this is the case could i fit the rears onto the fronts , and purchase some 9kg springs to fit the rear mono pro.

    Do you have the option of selling springs seperate, if not no real bother, but also are there any other considerations i should take on board when doing this.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks DJ :o
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    Good Morning DJ,

    We can definitely help with this, we have springs rates ranging from 5kg all the way up to 18kg in stock.

    If you want to 9/7 like the CS2 then you can order them from the website HSD Coilover Springs from

    Select "HSD Springs - Other" and put in the order notes that you want 9kg and 7kg

    Any problems please let me know


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