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    Cult Hero, the AE86

    One of the most popular rally, track and drift weapons is the Toyota Corolla AE86. It has many names, and many variations to its shape. In Japan it has the nickname Hachi Roku, which directly translates to the number eighty six. The history of the AE86 dates back to 1983 when it was released on the Japanese Domestic Market. Although new sales weren't amazing, the AE86 has developed a huge international following both in the street and racing scenes. Its cheap price tag, 16v high revving engine, swift handling and attractive looks made it affordable and a high quality machine for the money it cost.

    [​IMG] (My Dad's Friends AE86)

    Its engine is almost as famous as the car itself, you could say it makes the car. The 4age 16v engine owners are fond of the 4A-GE because of its light weight and the hidden potential power. For a 1.6 litre engine it can be tuned up to 240bhp (Fornula Atlantic engines) naturally aspirated which is astounding power per litre. You can obtain nearly 150bhp per litre. That is like getting a 5.7 chevvy v8 and based on power per litre tuned should have 855bhp.


    The AE86 has been featured in a cartoon Initial D, and then followed by the movie which makes the car even more desirable to drift/ rally fans. Takumi Fujiwara is a gas boy by day and delivery boy by night, transporting tofu uphill on the twisting Mt. Akin highway in his father's Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno. This leads to street racing in the notorious Japanese mountains nicknamed toughs. Showing skill and some awesome shots/ sounds, the film really sells the car. The price has really rocketed up in recent times. Here in the UK the price can range from £4k to £10k easily. For a car that is expensive compared to other cars with much more power and suited to rallying/ drifting it has ironically lost its initial appeal- its affordability. Although it is easy to see how it has become such a cult hero with huge success in touring car championships, drifting (most notoriously with Keiichi Tsuchiya and Ueo behind the wheel), and with all their other fans all over the world who see this car for what a cult hero it really is. My source was found on Driftworks Forum where I found many enthusiasts and asked them about the car. Replies included, ‘I like them because.... they make a funny noise and go really fast around corners. And get good MPG haha’. Others included, ‘they started first time every time, loved being hammered and were guaranteed to get me home. And the response was proper’. It is easy to see how such a well manufactured car has become more popular than ever, and is likely to be dominantly involved in the drifting scene for many years to come.
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    Very nicely done mate, now, send this in with you cv ;)

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