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    For sale is my jap import Toyota Corolla ae86. The car came into the country in Feb of this year and was registered in March. It took quite a while to find a car that was the way I wanted ( with a complete interior but with all the right bits). The car is mot'd for another 5 months and is ready to rock with no issues.

    Trd rear springs
    Trd rear shocks ( blue ) 8 way adjustable
    Front coilovers with trd green inserts
    Trd 2 way diff ( very aggressive )
    Cusco manifold
    De cat
    Full stainless under axle ( lovely noise )
    Ssr mk3 early 14" wheels ( front 14x6.5 )
    Ssr mk3 late 14" wheels ( rears 14x7 ) + spare
    20mm ultralite spacers on front
    25mm spacers on rear
    Front and rear strut bars
    Roll centre adjusters
    Mintex 1144 pads
    Probably some more to add

    Work carried out.
    Wheel bearings greased
    Fuel tank removed and cleaned / treated
    Track rod ends replaced ( inners too )
    Suspension fully removed and checked
    Diff ring and pinion replaced
    Oil for diff 80w 140 millers lsd oil
    Engine oil and filter service
    Rear spoiler ( from Australia ) cost £200

    Overall this car is a buy and drive car that looks the part and goes well too. It's not a case of importing one and finding faults as that's all been sorted on this one. These are becoming rare now especially with matching trim but also keep in mind this is a car that's got electric Windows, A/C and no sunroof

    I really want a cash sale as I have a replacement in sight.

    Oh and the steering wheel is now a nardi signature

    Pm me your e mail or txt to 07875243868 and I'll send more pics over

    Price is £7750 Ono




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