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    After the other night wen i first heard the noise I've change the oil n filter to see if the oil was causing the problem, well I don't think it was !!!!
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    im jumping in hear to try and help?
    its good to have a video but with that video its hard to hear wots going on as the vbelt-s are making a squealing noise witch is making it hard to pin point the tappet noise unless your yoda for nissan's, im not trying to be smart just trying to help :)
    my advice would be to sort the vbelts ( tighten- not to much though ) and put up a other video and you should get better fedback on your problem :)
    Hope this helps :)


    changing your oil and filter wot change anything if you have a tappet noise problem unless the oil is really really old! or filter is blocked! or oil is wrong thickness! or the brathers are blocked some where and not getting the oil away from places it needs to go to and is starving oil from going to where it should! and if any of though's where the caes buy the time you have heard the problem its to late! and the bottom end would be smoke in time also. :(
    from wot i can hear apart from the vbelts it could be bad connection at the sensor for the vacuum-breather just above the thermostat to the left when looking from the front of the car, i had this problem with my car because the metal clip-spring ( u shaped to hold it on tight ) was missing, it could be nothing to do with wot iv said thats a stab in the dark.
    Best way for you to pinpoint where the noise is coming from is to use a oil-water-fuel funnel like this: anything shaped like though's, put the large side to your ear and move the smaller part around to you hear where the noise is coming from most! ( keep it about at least 2mm off anything or you will just hear vibration witch wont help you in this case, ideally you would want to be about 5mm off anything but the closer you are when you find an area the better you can pinpoint it )
    This will also let you find wot tappet it is if it is a tappet, i hope its not.
    Hope this helps and remember im doing this pretty much blind witch means nothing when it comes to sound but with other sounds not allowing me-other people to hear wot's going on its the best i-other people can do under the circumstances.
    sorry about the long PS but iv try'd to keep it as sort as possible, if you have any question's about wot iv put up please ask, i dont know everything that is for sure! but like to help with wot i do know.
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