Another e36 coupe

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    Jul 23, 2014
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    Doing chassis mods first, then engine swap over the winter :)

    But so far.

    Spec list.
    Camber adjustment top mounts
    Stripped out
    OMP steering wheel
    e46 wishbones
    Drift V2 hubs
    steering rack spacers
    Relocated battery to rear seats with cut off switch and custom battery tray
    1.8 welded diff
    Willwood 6.25 hydraulic handbrake
    Modified front anti roll bar mounts
    Induction kit
    Cable tied front bumper
    20mm front spacers
    17'' M3 reps on front wish toyo proxies
    Tow straps

    And hopefully fitting arch extensions this week as im fed up with the tyres hitting the arches!




    Theres not really any of the building of the car, as I get a bit too interested in what im doing and forget to do it, but all work has been carried out by the people from Team Chasing 7

    Ill update this from time to time to show progress!

    I think a seat will be next on the list of things, then no idea what to do after that, im sure ill find something ;)

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