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    Jun 10, 2021
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    Hi all.
    I've just bought a 180sx with the ca18det engine and am looking for help, guidance and counselling on turning it up to a respectable power.
    In honesty, when I bought the car, I thought it were an sr20det (bought from Japan on impulse) and so I'm hoping these smaller, older engines are still good for tuning.

    I owned up u till last week an e46 m3 and was hoping for something quicker and jdm. Without sinking £****'s in to this block, is tuning these still a thing and, more importantly, is it worth doing.

    For reference the car and engine are stupidly low milage (35k).

    Anyways, cheers for reading and any help.much appreciated.

    Oh and if there's a 180/200sx specialist in the UK I'd appreciate a contact.

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