Anyone drifting a MK3 Supra?

Thread in 'Drifting Chat / Pictures / Videos' started by scuba83, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Dec 29, 2008
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    A friend of mine and I recently bought a MK3 Supra with the 3.0 Turbo 7M-GTE engine and R154 manual gearbox, and took it to the Pod for a drift day.

    Which was AWESOME until the radiator exploded!!!

    Anyway we I wondering if any of the other lads on here were running Supra's? If so any advice on car setup/tune or best place for getting hold of parts etcetera, would be appreciated.

    I have an FC3S I was building up to use for drifting but have now abandoned in favour of the Supra!

    So any FC drifters out there after a JDM S5 engine or other parts drop me a line as I'm selling the parts to raise cash to put in to the Supra.

    Slide on fella's..........

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    Hi mate, I am drifting a 7mgte supra manual and its class. Just weld the diff as the standard lsd is shite and cut the springs. Ideally you want coilovers which can be had from ebay international for around £400

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