Apexi neo air fuel controller (piggyback) £150 posted

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by neil a walker, Jul 22, 2016.

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    oxford, (and its not that posh...)
    This allows you to adjust the fuelling across the rev range every 500rpm to optimize A/F ratio's
    Just fit a wideband lambda sensor and adjust fuel readings
    I bought this from THE USA a while ago and cost me an arm and a leg in import and carriage fee's
    Now have decided to go for a megasquirt instead so surplus to my requirements
    Will come with the printed wiring and operation manuals too, but also available online as a pdf


    Here is a link to the NEO on the apexi site so you can read up about it.

    AFC Neo, Fuel Management

    If you can collect from Oxford i'll knock £20 off too. Too bloody good to you lot! :rolleyes: :thumbs:

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