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    Been a while since I posted here... Mainly because it took me a while to get round to sorting the car out after our first outing and wall incident at skid risk!

    The main motivating factor though was the announcement of a new drift day which is actually local to me, at Aldershot Raceway... Big thanks to Andy and the Learn2Drift boys for making that a reality!

    The first public event was in March and on the day we were greeted with 6 inches of snow on the track! . . It was a frustrating day for me on a patchy/snowy track often fighting understeer and generally not feeling very much in control.

    The car actually ran ok though, and following that I decided to keep an eye out for some cheap 18" 8j's to run up front on some decent low profile rubber... Which I managed to source relatively easily and cheaply!

    The second public event was a couple of weeks ago, and following the the outing in March I was felling a little apprehensive to say the least. . . The sun was shining though and I got out there and got stuck in!


    Took me a while to dial myself in a bit, and was battling a misfire in the morning which turned out to be a wet HT lead... But the car performed well and for the first time I felt like I was starting to find my drift mojo a little!

    Inevitably the day ended prematurely for me at about 3pm when I hit the wall bending a lower control arm... But the damage should be easily fixable and overall the day was most definitely a success. Looking forward to the next event which is a weekender in August!

    (again, big thanks to Andy the team for making this happen. Also thanks and credit to Jonathan Davis for getting some decent snaps!)

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