Basic Drift Modifications & Drift Day Preparations

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by Paz, Jul 27, 2004.

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    Hi guys! Just a quick post to cover what we at driftworks, and indeed any experianced drifter will suggest as the first modifcations to carry out on your drift car, and what preparations to make before you attend a drift day! But before you buy these suggested parts, get to know your standard car. How it drives, what it does and what youd like to change... And for the most part, everyone will suggest you do the following:

    1st: Mechanical Aftermarket LSD
    2nd: Coilovers
    3rd: Bucket Seat + Harness

    Thats pretty much all you need on the car, in terms of your basic tune. Extra power is nice but not always nessecary. More power gives more impressive results a bit faster, less power makes you drive the car harder and push that bit further.. So if you do choose to have more power after learning in a lower power car, you should find it easier to drift. Other goodies such as aftermarket sways, tie rods etc can come alot later as you have the basics to drift succesfully covered with the above products! :)

    Now, onto the basic preparation, stuff thats wise to do before getting out onto the track!

    First off, check Fluid levels and condition! Vital and common sense really. Another key and important thing is to check your battery is secure! Bad things happen when batteries come loose! After that its a good idea to make sure you have plenty of rubber to burn. If its a concrete surface you'll go through ALOT of tyres, smooth tarmac and circuits is generally alot more tyre friendly. If you can afford to drift on new rubber, its a good idea as they tend to last longer and give more predictable results.

    After that its little things.. Make sure your car is free from "debris" inside, as this stuff will fly around inside the car put you off, or possibly injure you! Bring extra coolant, extra oil and tools if possible. Jacks, Spiders and the usual hand tools might just let you get home under your own steam. Also bring plenty of drinking water with you. Its easy to get de-hydrated and often hard to find drinks etc.

    When youre at the event, the other thing to consider is tyre pressures. You can play with these and they do have quite an effect on the way your car drives, and costs you nothing. Generally, 30-40psi up front is the norm and 35-45psi rear.. This isnt a golden rule however as everyone is different! Just remember the lower the pressure, the more grip you'll have, in theory.

    Happy Drifting!
    The Driftworks Team
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