BMW 320d clutch rumble

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    Hi, my 2004 E46 320d has a horrendous rumble at idle in neutral. However it completely goes away when the clutch is pressed in. The rumble isn’t apparent when driving or revving in neutral. I’m confident it’s not the TO bearing because: the noise would be non existent in neutral but only when depressing the clutch. So the symptom is the other way around in my case. Also I know this because it failed on me last year so I changed everything - TO bearing, clutch disc, pressure plate and DMF. I didn’t notice the noise straight away but I noticed it only months after changing everything.

    However (I regret this now) I didn’t change the pivot pin while I was at it. Could the pin have failed (quite common for bmw ?) and causing maybe the fork to rattle off the inside of the box, and when there is pressure on the clutch - it goes away?

    Is it possibly gearbox input shaft bearings? I YouTubed typical nosies from this and it doesn’t sound quite the same. Albeit similar.

    It doesn’t sound like bearings rattling around my noise is very very consistent. I don’t know sounds kind of like two surfaces vibrating against each other.

    My whole transmission seems perfectly fine bar this noise.

    Any ideas? thanks ! Watch the Full video as my mic doesn’t pick it up at first.


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