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    Hey guys I currently have a 1997 BMW 328is with the sports package. This is currently my daily so I'm trying to stay away from track only mods. I have a 1997 m3 3.23 lsd, 1995 m3 x-brace and a set of turner adjustable sway bars with poly bushings and rear adjustable sway bar links. What would be a good setting for the sway bars they are 2 way adjustable in the front and 3 way adjustable in the rear. Also what upgrades should I do coilovers? HP gains? Also tires are my biggest problem right now where can i find them for cheap?
    Thanks, Brenden
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    you can get loads of power from the 2.8. about 25% for a grand give or take. do a google search for all the details on M50 manifold, M3 USDM cams and tuned ecu's. all easy. all effective. its one of the easiest NA engines to get some more puff out of imho. For the money atleast. There are some really well written guides available if you search.

    no idea on the settings. google and trial and error.

    The HSD shocks seem to get good rep on here.

    Get to your local partworn trader and ask if you can work out a deal with him for the ones that come back in to be scrapped maybe?

    you might want to consider a hydro as the E-brake on the e36 is wank.
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    Tyres- majority of tyre places have a stack of part worns, just ask them.

    Power- if you're just starting, the power of a 328 will be more than enough.

    Coilovers are a must imo or some stiffer lowering springs.

    They drift pretty well from standard to be fair, so save your money for seat time.

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