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    For sale is my 1.8 twincam M42 engine.

    This Engine has never missed a beat in my time of ownership it has been used daily on my 15mile commute to and from work. Included with the sale is the gearbox that comes mounted to the engine and front half the of the prop shaft the reason i have included this is that it may be needed if you are putting this engine into a no n bmw car and need a custom shaft made.

    There are a few bad points with this engine The shift mechanism got bent upon engine removal but this shouldnt be an issue if you are putting it into a bmw shell. Also i have kept the ecu from this engine for another project, i may have one at may workshop if i do i will update the item description.



    Price £110.00

    Also For Sale is the locked/welded differential out of my 318is
    This was installed on the car when i bought it and i was told that it was from a 316 automatic which i have been told is better for drifting .

    This diff worked perfectly for around 3 months driven 15 miles daily with one drift day being done.


    Price: 50:00

    The engine and diff are located in Chichester West Sussex, Any questions feel to message me or text or call me on 07846740710
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