BMW E30 V8 2 Door Full comp spec

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    It KILLS me to do this!

    anyone that knows the car, knows how much i look after it and how reliable it is, Ive done over 30 skid days in 2 years including a few 3 dayers on the bounce and it doesn't miss a beat! ive had NO major problems in 2 years you dont have to lift the bonnet.

    Its took me and the team over 2 years to build the car, Nothing had been over looked and really is a one off, Theres loads of v8 conversions coming up but i still think my is the coolest and cleanest!

    Im only selling it as im going traveling in 4 weeks i was going to keep it but i just cant afford storage fees for 2 years etc, If it doesnt sell ill have to find away to keep it.

    It will pass a MOT no problems apart from it hasnt got a standard handbrake.

    Its Dyno'ed at 293bhp and has the same torque from 1500rpm and if you ask a few lads in the BDC/RDC they will say it can keep up with the faster more bhp cars


    BMW E30 316 2 door coupe shell

    [SIZE=4]M60B40 engine (4.0l v8)
    5 speed manual box
    Custom propshaft (team sunset)
    3.64 welded diff
    Nissan s14 80mm alloy rad
    Alloy header tank
    Custom made engine mounts (team sunset)
    Front strut brace
    Front mounted Power steering cooler
    Custom headers
    full exhaust system (team sunset)
    E36 M3 evo steering rack
    Rear camber/tow adjustment tabs

    Front and rear custom coilovers
    Rear disc conversion
    Drilled and grooved discs all round
    Custom steering angle kit
    consistin of strut relocation plates
    custom longer and shaped bottom arms
    longer steering arms all rose jointed
    Spare wheel well cut and plated flat
    20mm superforma rear spacers
    OBP 4 gallon baffled alloy fuel tank
    OBP 2L alloy swirl pot
    Bosch 044 fuel pump
    Removed standard fuel tank
    Battery relocated behind passenger seat
    polybushed all round
    2" fans with couling

    Painted in estoril blue 2
    Standard front and rear bumpers
    Dtm fibrewerkz fenders
    Se side skirts
    IS front lip
    Clear side and front repeaters
    Yellow headlights
    x2 dare dr-rs 8.5j
    x6 dare dr-rs 10j
    Custom Rear lip spoiler
    Fibreglass bonnet and steel bonnet
    trs tow straps


    2x bimarco futura with side mounts
    2x willans 3" harness
    All capets etc stripped out
    Fia battery cut off
    Plumbed in fire extinguisher
    Hand held fire extinguisher
    OMP dished steering wheel
    Upright hydro handbrake
    6 point custom cage weld in
    flocked dash
    custom firewall






    As people may know i had run in with the wall at driftland last weekend, Thankfully its only pannel damage there is no other damage, Im on now with putting a rear quarter on it on, so will be back to mint condition within a few weeks, Unless you want to buy it slightly cheaper as it is.

    Theres not much wrong with it apart from it needs a plate near battery tray and could do with 2 rose joints on steering arms as they are worn.

    Price im looking at £7800 ono

    People may think thats alot of money for a 300bhp e30 but this is a tryed and tested car with custom one off bits, you could buy s13 s14 etc but ive seen time and time again people spending £1000 on engine 6 times a season, This motor hasnt missed a beat in 2 YEARS! and ive done alot more events than most people including BDC RDC NDC and alot of practice days inbetween

    Please dont waste my time offering my daft money for it and no part ex's i need the cash.


    Darren - 07800739666
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    Thats a very cool looking E30 :)
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    Can vouch for this car! Think I'm one of only a few people Daz has let have a drive of this car.

    Gotta say its one of the easiest cars to drive ever, I jumped into it at Nissan factory comp for 1 run in qualifying after braking my car and managed to qualify. The lock is unreal and the car practically drives it self!

    Plus Daz is so anal about polishing it and keeping it tidey, you could use it for show and shine instead of drifting
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    Seen this at teesside a few times and always admired it, a proper piece of kit! GLWTS!

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