BMW E36 316 compact very very tidy car! ideal 6 pot swap daily skidder

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    Jul 19, 2015
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    Bmw e36 316 compact.

    Located in Bordon Hampshire. After £500
    will get pictures sorted ASAP trying to load pictures to photo bucket using an old I-pad is just painfull :)

    Brought this car to make it into a cheap tidy skidder was going to 6 pot it and use it as a daily.

    As always things change :cool:

    It's a very very solid tidy shell, no rusting away arches or sills like 99% of bmws.

    Its done 138k
    got 2 keys
    Have v5

    17inch 46 alloys
    lowered on springs
    after market steering wheel
    full black leather
    tinted windows
    m-sport rear lights
    clear indicators all round

    Failed it's mot on:
    Drivers front lollipop bush
    emissions was sat for 2 months!
    Rear indicator bulbs not orange enough lol
    handbrake adjustment already done.

    There are cheaper compacts about but this is a complete running car and one of the best shells around!

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