BMW E36 325i iron block in Madeira Violet

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    Had my fun in this and done the trip I wanted to do, so sadly time to move it on.

    This is an iron block, single vanos E36 325i in rare Madeira Violet - the one to have, basically. A stronger lump than the alloy block 328i and will take boost with no problem whatsoever if that’s the way you want to go. Mileage is relatively low for one of these at just under 121k. The previous owner bought it from an elderly gentleman who’d owned it for many years and it has stacks of history and invoices. MOT until April 2018, with no advisories on the last one. Engine, transmission and diff oil all changed not long before I got it.

    Spec list:

    • Style 42 16 inch BMW alloys, wearing Yokohama AD08Rs all round with approx. 5mm tread left.

    • Coilovers, polybushed rear trailing arms, new front wishbone bushes with the back ones being M3 eccentric. Two new top mounts up front, previous owner fitted new rears. Also has re-enforcement plates at the back mounts. Front struts have been shimmed at the bottom for extra camber and was then 4 wheel aligned to compensate.

    • Front brakes have been upgraded to E46 328i discs and pads, which are slightly larger than the standard 325i brakes. EBC Yellowstuff front pads and braided steel hoses. DOT 5.1 fluid. Rear brakes are adequate as standard.

    • Engine has had a new valve cover gasket, spark plugs, water pump and thermostat fitted by the previous owner. Radiator changed not long ago, electric fan fitted that also has a handy override switch by the gear knob. Remapped with a raised rev limit to 7k, stainless steel exhaust from the cat with removable DB killer. Looks are certainly questionable, however it sounds great with the baffle removed and is quiet enough with it in to pass any track day noise test. Approx 210bhp.

    • Engine and gearbox mounts are solid rubber bushes from an E34 and E21.

    • OMP bucket seat and semi-deep dish suede steering wheel. Z3 short shifter.

    • Externally, it has the Sport front bumper, de-lensed headlights with HIDs, clear indicators front and rear and an M3 rear diffuser.
    Certainly not mint and there is bubbling on the rear arches(as the vast majority have), but overall it is in much, much better condition than your average E36. Sills are solid, one jacking point has been welded. The stone guard you see on the sills I’m told can be removed with some elbow grease and thinners to reveal the body colour underneath, I just couldn’t be arsed.

    I bought the car to go to the Nürburgring, which it did comfortably and allowed me to set a best time of 8:40 on my first trip there, which is testament to the way it handles and its reliability. Not one thing broke, all I needed was some new rear pads and that was it. Drove there and back absolutely faultlessly and has never, ever failed to start, not even once. If you know anything about these, you’ll already know they’re bulletproof. All it needs is a supercharger or turbo and in the right hands it could probably do an 8 minute lap.

    As you may have gathered, I’m actually pretty attached to it now and don’t really want to sell it, but unfortunately don’t have space to keep it. If I did, I wouldn’t be getting rid.

    Get involved and you too can feel like a hero hunting far more expensive machinery down on the track, or weld the diff and have yourself a reliable, strong drift car.

    £2250 ono.

    Call or text Tom on 07887 512064.

    DSC_6376.JPG DSC_6380.JPG DSC_6382.JPG DSC_6384.JPG DSC_6386.JPG DSC_6387.JPG DSC_6389.JPG DSC_6390.JPG DSC_6394.JPG DSC_6395.JPG DSC_6398.JPG DSC_6405.JPG DSC_6407.JPG DSC_6408.JPG
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    You have a pm.

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