Bmw e36 Bilstein B12

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by MrTosto, May 16, 2019.

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    May 16, 2019
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    Hey guys
    First let me introduce myself, My name is Shahaf, Im from Israel and building my starter drift car (nothing fancy, just an e36 with m43 engine. we dont have too many options here).

    Anyway my suspension is blown and awful and Im looking for nice upgrade. My budget isnt too high because Im a student, however I found nice deal on Bilstein b8 with hr sport (or eibach prokit whatever is better). I was looking for reviews on bilstein for drift and didn't found something helpful, does it performs well in drifting and track days? other options are something like jom (I konw I know) or ap/vogtland.

    what do you guys think? If someone has experience with bilstein I would love to hear reviews.

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