For Sale BMW E46 325i - BC/Wizards Lock/Polybush

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    Selling my E46 325i which is built to drift but could full well be converted to a show car.

    Overall, car drives sweet, no running issues, hasn’t ever overheated, can be test driven/drifted any time. Reason for sale is simply that I wanna get my Altezza working again and I built this for Round 1 of Autofest and then didn’t even end up making it by 1 day…


    Please see spec below, it's only got high quality parts fitted.

    Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13.05.58.
    Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13.15.54. Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13.16.04.
    Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13.05.44. Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13.06.03. Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 13.06.08.
    Suspension & performance

    BC Racing Custom Extra Low Coilovers with Camber/Castor adjustable topmount upgrade (10/8KG)

    Wizards of Lock 0 Ackerman Hubs

    Wizards of Lock Rack Spacers

    Wizards of Lock 45mm CNC Extended LCA

    E90 inner tie rods, e46 outer

    Strongflex subframe bushes

    Strongflex diff bushes

    Strongflex trailing arm bushes

    Subframe powder coated

    Front & rear topmounts reinforcement plates

    Wizards of Lock rear camber arms

    Born2Drift toe plates

    Can adjust toe and camber to 0 if required this way

    320d solid shaft conversion

    Welded diff

    5x114.3 hubs, all were new which I had custom drilled and additionally converted to studs. 5x120 PCD is also still useable.

    Rear jacking/crash bar.

    Has had fresh alignment.

    Remapped ECU, raised limiter, higher idle speed for more water pump flow, sooner fan kick in, instant throttle response, thermostat opening earlier.


    Wrapped in TeckWrap olive with 3M Black sparkle roof

    HM Sports front bumper

    HM Sports side skirts

    HM Sports roof spoiler

    HM Sports rear overfender (arches were cut as high as possible to allow max low, max squat and max fitment) all sealed up so no smoke in cabin

    Musk front over fender (one damaged, will need replacing, HM do these now)

    Amber indicators - USDM activated

    Gloss black grilles

    New Badges

    Chrome tints all round

    CSL Boot spoiler

    All red rear lights

    Rear bumper is included (M Sport bumper) and is wrapped car colour, just liked it more without.


    OBP Hydraulic handbrake with high end master (new EBC rear discs and yellow stuff pads) braided brake lines.

    It's all black interior which is mega nice, with the carbon trims.

    Hydro locks up perfectly with short throw unlike most BMW hydro installs

    WOZ Hydro plate (0 flex)

    Fire extinguisher

    Replaced both front window regulators so they now work

    The bad

    Few dash lights on (washer fluid, abs, traction control)

    Interior is okay, but stripped past front seats

    Deleted back box, but as decided to run no rear bumper never welded the shotguns on, can come with car though

    Obviously, wheels aren’t included in the sale

    Passenger overfender is glued together, it’s fine but doesn’t look amazing, will defo need a replacement if you’re picky.

    £6500 ono - will be happy to do deals for cool wheels, JZ parts, Altezza parts etc!

    You can message me on here or my insta: @nico_cleanstyle, I haven't advertised this anywhere else because I can't cope with the eBay and Marketplace time wasters already.
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    Is this still for sale?

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