SOLD BMW E91 330D Manual M-sport

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    For sale is my BMW 330D Manual Touring

    Sparkling graphite paintwork
    BMW Professional Sat-nav/Idrive
    Dakota black leather interior
    Satin Aluminium dash trim
    178k miles
    MOT April 2020

    All BMW recalls have been completed.

    It's had in the last 12 months with receipts to prove-

    New LUK clutch and dual mass flywheel
    New thermostats (main and EGR)
    Replacement anti-shudder valve
    New silicone boost pipe
    New pipercross air filter
    New front and rear brake discs
    New front and rear brake pads
    New polybushed front control arms
    New polyurethane anti-roll bar bushes
    New rear shocks
    New front suspension top mounts
    New CV joint/boots
    Gearbox oil change
    Engine service
    New fuel filter
    15mm front 20mm rear wheel spacers
    Wheel stud conversion
    LED headlights
    New Michelin Pilot sport tyres (all 4)
    New track rod end
    DPF clean and new pressure sensor
    New TIG welded stainless exhaust system (really nice bit of work) from DPF back
    Gloss black kidney grilles
    Swirl flaps removed
    Clutch delay valve removed
    MPG and Speed indicator coded into the dashboard

    Car is ready to go, I use it daily for a 60 mile commute and it has been faultless, most work has been done as preventative maintenance, all the bits that usually go wrong with these BMW diesels!

    Only bad points are- Wheels could do with a refurb, and front bumper is quite stone chipped and has a couple of scrape marks (could do with a repaint)
    Rest of the paint work and interior is in really good condition, you wouldn't think it has done nearly 180k miles!


    46377476865_324f278503_b. IMG_20190303_132800

    46377477325_6099cdf5b5_b. IMG_20190303_132749

    46377477595_2a5ba84d8f_b. IMG_20190303_132737

    46377478005_c4aa733204_b. IMG_20190303_132726

    46377478185_acdb7cff84_b. IMG_20190303_132718

    46377478335_da6ffa4bcf_b. IMG_20190303_132659

    46377478495_53dc71bd83_b. IMG_20190303_132654

    46377478685_50d81a20d0_b. IMG_20190303_132640

    46377478895_8fda062d62_b. IMG_20190303_132848

    46377479175_87136589af_b. IMG_20190303_132930

    46377479445_2f1cf1fe51_b. IMG_20190303_133621
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    Nice this, why you selling? would you take a px

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