Bmw m54 e46 600£

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    High Wycombe
    449B947A-422D-40D4-B865-18A1792AEB3E. 69CBBD62-44E2-4010-A6B7-F7047F2A2024. 5EF60F18-E0B6-431B-94C0-4B6B807BBED3. 0D7A62EE-7D6D-4220-AD9C-F96076BC93F9. 7306E309-A302-4CA1-9505-B60D49B2DC11. 11C0F523-1C89-4E4D-AA35-8E1055DC0420. 24EB485C-DBF7-4FD5-9C12-E2E8920DC8B6. 135k miles on clock,2.2 on logbook
    Car will need to be towed away from High Wycombe
    Plan was to go with 2.5 m54 as its a straight swap from what i heard just fuel map needs changing
    Priorities changed and needs to go as currently finishing a e39

    Good side : lowered on coilovers havent checked what brand
    18” bbs replicas
    All electrics work
    Front strut brace
    Smoked front lights with angel eyes and smoked led tailights (see pics)
    Red footwell lights and white interior lights
    M sport seats with decent leather(see pics)
    Already wired for custom audio setup(see pics)
    Overall the body and interior are ok
    Straight pipe exhaust all the way to the middle i think (see pics)
    MOT until september

    Bad side : cylinders show no compression will need engine replacement,engine turns ,theres spark and fuel at the rail,cranks but no start and no codes
    Small rust patch on rear wing
    No front bumper
    If interested call on 07914928159 radu


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