For Sale Brand new 350/370z GKTech super lock kit

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    Brand new in box, never even test fit. Comes with instructions and GKTech sticker.

    £235 delivered! Save yourself £60 not to mention import fees!

    This kit:

    Cost new from GKTech: $520 AUD delivered = £295 GBP.

    I bought this for my 350z practice car, only to spin a bottom end baring while i was waiting on delivery from GKT. I've seen this kit on other 350s and you get a crap ton of lock. It's super well made as well.

    I have other 350 bits for sale, please see other threads.

    The GKTECH Z34 370z/V36 Skyline angle kit is a simple, lightweight, yet super effective bolt on steering kit.

    It is a bolt on kit, meaning it can be fitted and removed with no permanent modifications other than the trimming of the factory lock stop if you wish to.

    With 33% faster steering these are suitable for both the dedicated drift cars whilst working equally as well for a grip/street car looking to speed your steering up.

    If you own one of these vehicles, you would know the OEM steering angle on the Z/V chassis sucks! We measured them to having around 37 degrees lead wheel and even less trailing. This kit will allow you to get around 60 degrees of lock lead wheel and with adjustable ackerman you can acheive near parallel front steering.

    - 33% faster steering
    - Adjustable ackerman
    - Circa 60 degrees of steering lock

    With months of testing prior to release from all around the world including one of the worlds best Luke Fink here in Australia, Formula Drift judge Robbie Nishida in Japan and Takeshi Teruya in New Zealand! To see more of what they had to say you can check out their YouTube video's below showing the simple install process and first impressions:

    Luke Fink
    "This car feels so much better, I can do whatever I want now. It's so much more snappy and almost S chassis like!"

    Robbie Nishida
    "The angle kit makes a big difference! I can hold deep angle for a good amount of time, and the ackerman feels really good. You need one of these cars!"

    Takeshi Teruya
    "My V36 is much fun to drift with this lock kit! Ackerman is a good match for a big fast entry and nice flow track layout, can also be for a snappy transition!"

    Vehicle Compatibility:
    - Nissan Z34 370z
    - Nissan V36 Skyline Coupe (2008-2013)
    - Nissan V36 Skyline Sedan (2009-2013) (RWD only)
    - Nissan V35 Skyline Sedan (2007-2009)
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