**Car Price Estimates**

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    ** Car Price Estimates **

    Car Price Estimates

    To enable us to provide you with an efficient service and for you to receive accurate information if you have a request for a car price estimate please use the forms provided on the web site here Car Price Estimates this way we will be able to respond with relevant information in the proper format, estimate requests will be replied to with in 24 hours (usually quicker) but please be patient on weekends and public holidays. - *Be sure to mention Driftworks and include your user name*

    Alternatively you can check price data of vehicles that have sold recently here to get ball park figures.

    You will however still be able to request Car of the Day information in the Car of the Day thread.

    Any other requests or inquiries you can still PM me:D

    Thank you for your cooperation.:thumbs:

    Please note: We do not use the information provided to us other than for the purpose intended, we will not sell, pass on or provide your personal details to any other party.
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