Cheap , clean , low , Mile munching fun daily! £799

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    Bought this as a cheaper economical daily for my missus whilst we bought a house. Got another drift car on the way now so need the room.

    Stage 1 remap (130hp at the flywheel, 100 at the wheels, 275nm) Very lively now , little bit of black smoke from map.

    Normal box or Straight through exhaust , decat plus original cat for MOT
    Can be loud or quiet!

    TA Technix coilovers. Car is low and looks good , doesn't scrape unless 3 up

    Banded steels on the rear 15 x 8.5 and 15 x 6.5 on the front, hub centric spacer

    Interior is in very good condition
    Cambelt done recently
    Bottom pulley replaced along with belt.
    Both front wheel bearings done recently.
    Toyo t1-r 195:50 all round , handles like a go kart.
    Nippy car tbh , easy sub 8 0-60

    Extras inside.
    Pioneer sub , amp
    Pioneer headunit (mechless parrot kit also)
    Steering wheel boss ( probably just throw in a deep dish wheel as want to keep the personal)

    Factory interior is clean , has A/C , airbags , sporty seats , auto wipers , electric Windows mirrors etc.

    Comes with lots of spares , stock steering wheel , few tools etc . Still got £25 of fuel in I think!

    Few car park dings , little bit of lacquer peel but on the whole , it's really clean and presentable !!!

    No part ex's I'm afraid , unless it's a 2 post single phase ramp or a respect for my chaser!

    Mot till April17 2017

    Can do it a bit cheaper if I keep wheels and sub etc and head unit but you'd need to bring wheels!


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