Considering selling 1998 180sx (sil80)

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    Seriously considering selling my 180sx (sil80/onevia)

    An R32 GTR has come up in Japan I'm very much interested in and this may have to give…

    Price and picture links at the bottom of the page

    Car is an import, I am the first registered owner although I did not import the car myself. Was imported through Gorilla imports I believe. Still have all the documents required to register the car originally but no 'history' as such.



    180sx (RPS13 Schassis)

    SR20DE (Non turbo)


    180,000 odd km still in km (112,000 miles roughly)

    Rays Compionato wheels

    Blitz coilovers (lowered the car slightly myself so can say they work as they should)

    Engine/strut brace

    Hks air filter

    Blitz 3 inch exhaust

    Red sparco (bit tatty and faded but not the usual knife attack)

    Factory 2 way which will do a skid but I have a welded that I have not got round to putting on but can go with the car, happy skidding!

    My plan with this car was to RB26 swap it but my contact in Japan can source such cars and as I said I have my eye on a GTR they have.

    Mechanically she is sound, rocker cover leaking a little from the front (I do have a replacement so may well of rectified if I get the time)

    Exhaust bracket is loose so rattles at the rear slightly but it hasn't bothered me

    Only problem I've had with the car was the old battery dying.

    Body/rust wise I have not seen a car this clean, took it to Dave at SMV repairs for a quote on the bodywork and he was surprised how clean it was.

    The body paint wise is another story however, think the previous owner must have been blind the amount of light scratches around the drivers lock! Typical light cracks in paint on rear bumper but that's the worst of it really. If you want a show car she'd want a respray/machine polish with local repairs, going drifting it would probably be one of the straightest cars on the grid.

    The a pillars have some foam residue and a inch or so of missing paint where the lovely rose wind deflectors were strategically placed...again this has not bothered me

    Would make a great replacement if your body is rotten, great base for an engine swap or super clean drift spec car if you wanted to gut it! Was clearly well looked after, very clean and nice brands used for the few modifications it has!

    Just gauging interest really, am not DESPERATE to sell but I am very much smitten with this car in Japan and although it's not essential my little Sil80 would take a nice wedge off that price!
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